Pastoral Nominating Committee 2019

Westminister is currently searching for a new Pastor to lead the congregation. Updates and other documents from the Pastoral Nominating Committee will be published here. 

Pastoral Committee members are: Keri Brinegar, Dr. Gerzain Chavez, Kari Heil, Libby Naranjo, and Donna Ormerod.

PNC update as of 5/20/20
Total applications received to date:  23
Total interviews conducted to date:  5
Another interview is scheduled for this Saturday.
Results to date:  Continued interest in 2 candidates.

Murky path forward as to how to proceed further in this process due to Covid-19 restrictions/risks.  We will consult with Presbytery probably in early June as to ideas/options.  If Session has any ideas, please let us know.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

PNC Progress


Your Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) is now meeting and will update the congregation periodically on its progress over the next 11-18 months, based on this tentative timeline:

2-3 months to review, revise, update Mission Study (Completed)

1-2 months to produce the Church Information Form (CIF) (Completed)

1 month for Session and the Commission on Ministry (COM) to approve CIF (Completed)

2-3 months to advertise the position (In Process)

2-3 months to narrow the applicants to a “long list” (approx. 10 applicants) (In Process)

1-2 months to narrow the “long list” to a “short list” (approx. 3-5 applicants)

1-2 months to choose “the one,” have that person visit and preach, etc.

1-2 months for that person to arrive in Santa Fe.

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